FoodFash’s Favorite Brunch Spot

Josephine House Steak & Eggs

There are two things that FoodFash doesn’t particularly enjoy: restaurant reviews and committing to a single favorite.  For reasons as simple as food is personal, company kept is critical to a dining experience, and I can {sometimes} be fickle – reviews and a single favorite are just not typical FoodFash offerings.

Josephine House Polenta

But today, as I sit here looking through my Instagram library, I can’t help but notice I have a clear favorite in the brunch department.  Josephine House has become my go-to spot, and here’s why:

- I rarely order the same thing twice.  This is a huge feat for a restaurant, to get me out of a dish rut.  If I really, really love a dish, I’m most likely going to order it every time.

- The dishes are unique.  Forget your typical eggs benedict, shrimp & grits, and pancakes, Josephine House’s menu is full of dishes that you’ll only find at Josephine House.  Check out the menu!  It’s creative and adventurous and I never leave thinking “I could have made this better at home”.

- Cucumber gimlet.  Theirs is of the best I’ve had and they never flinch at my off-menu order.

- Ambiance.  Whether seated indoors or out, I feel like I’m on vacation whenever I arrive.  Maybe this is why I bring every visitor that comes my way to brunch here?

- Location.  It’s a mere three blocks from my house and I love walking through my neighborhood and arriving at such an adorable spot.

Josephine House Savory Porridge

As far as FoodFash dish recommendations go, I’ll always order something savory and egg-topped.  I’ve been digging their grit-equivalent dishes {polenta in the middle picture and farro in the bottom picture}.  And the steak and eggs is definitely worthy of being a rotating regular.

Real Pumpkin Pie

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Not that pie made with canned pumpkin isn’t real pumpkin pie… But pie made with fresh pie pumpkins is most certainly the way pumpkin pie was intended to be made.  And it’s the way I intend to make my pumpkin pies as long as pie pumpkins are in reach.

Pie Crust

The process of roasting the pie pumpkins added about ten minutes of active kitchen time and an hour of inactive kitchen time to the process, but the smell of your home and the wow from the crowd is totally worth it.

Fresh Pumpkin

Fresh pumpkin, fresh ginger, specialty spices – this pie is worthy of being renamed a pumpkin spice pie.  And I just can’t wait to serve this pumpkin spice pie for the third time this week!

*Recipe below adapted from this recipe.

Shrimp & Grits For 2

Shrimp & Grits

I woke up over the weekend with a massive craving for homemade breakfast.  Homemade waffles to be exact.  But when I went into the kitchen, I realized I used up the last of the coconut milk and waffles just weren’t in the cards.  And it was freezing outside, so going to the store just wasn’t an option.

Lobster Stock and Grits

But what I did have was all of the ingredients for shrimp and grits {super odd, right?}.  So never having made shrimp and grits before, I mixed and stirred until I had myself a warm breakfast that was way more delish than I could have ever anticipated.  I posted a proud picture on Instagram and thought about one thing that would transform this already fab dish into something amazing – lobster stock.

Sauteed Shrimp

And I was right.  Lobster stock was a game changer.  The grits were creamy and complex without feeling heavy like restaurant grits {filled with milk and cheese} and they balanced perfectly with simple shrimp and eggs.

Balsamic Strawberries With Basil Whipped Cream

Balsamic Strawberries with Basil Cream

When I first opened this month’s HEB Primo Picks package, my first instinct was to roast something.  I roasted cauliflower and later broccoli, but neither felt worthy of a blog post.  And then my mind shifted to desserts… Balsamic desserts.

Central Market Oil & Vinegar

While roasting all of those veggies, the thickness of the Central Market balsamic vinegar was noticeably different than what you can typically find in the grocery store.  It was slightly reduced, a closer resemblance to the balsamic I brought back from Italy last month.  This was my motivation for reducing it further.

Sliced Strawberries

How visions of roasted veggies turned into a balsamic reduction mixed with sliced strawberries and olive oil, topped with basil whipped cream, I’ll never know.  But what I can tell you is how much I loved this combo.

As part of the HEB Primo Picks team, I received compensation to sample various Primo Picks products. The opinions in this post are completely my own and based on my experience.