Roasted Tomato Salsa

Roasted Tomato Salsa

I’m coming up on four years of being a blogger.  What?  Yeah…  And after all these years of being the blogging sort, my friends are rarely embarrassed by the big camera.  They never take a bite before asking if I need a picture.  And they know that after a picture of their food has been taken, there’s no need to wait for my social media madness to dig in.  It’s really quite amazing, how well they’ve been trained much they support me.

Dry Roasted Vegetables

And after all these years of blogging, my friends aren’t the only thing that continue to amaze me.  Simple recipes, seriously, get me every time. Why I would think salsa is difficult, I haven’t a clue.  But tonight as I dry roasted veggies, blended them up, and they turned into this salsa, I couldn’t help but shake my head with a silly smile.  Why would I ever buy salsa again?

Blendtec Salsa

It wasn’t that this salsa was particularly special.  It was good, don’t get me wrong.  But if I love salsa (which I do) and making salsa is easy (which it is) then creating my perfect go-to salsa is gonna happen.  And that means no more store salsa.


  1. I have my family well trained! They know to never even touch the food until I’ve taken pictures!!
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