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I’ve been more non-stop than usual and, consequently, I can’t remember the last time I baked something other than a frozen Newman’s Own margarita pizza for dinner.  But!  I have been working on some super cool side projects that tooootally justify all of the too-full-too-soon-pizza-box-filled-trash-can-action that’s been going on lately (sorry roomie!).

Like helping with a talent recruiting video for Austin Sunshine Fest 2013, an event that benefits Austin Sunshine Camps and HAAM.  I was a part of the street team last year and I’m so incredibly excited to be involved this early for the 2013 fest.  I’m also pretty pumped about getting nerdy with video.  Here’s some of the footage that we’ll be repurposing for the Austin Sunshine Fest video:

And then there’s the follow up from the meeting I had a couple weeks ago with Melissa Skorpil of Skorpil Photography.  I enjoyed working with Melissa at the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance Cookbook photo shoot so much that I asked her if we could meet for coffee and chitchat.  As a result, I’ll be tagging along with her and a food stylist this week during their studio session.

A little explanation for the food hiatus!


  1. Katie Wyatt says:

    Tut gets 0 style points for his jump

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