30 Days In LA

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Ever since the year I spent 30 days in LA, my best friend‘s boyfriend’s best friend has been a best friend of mine.  And ever since that year, my life has been a little different.  That’s the year FoodFash became a real thing and decided to stay a while.  It’s the year I started to dream a little harder, without resentment.  It’s the year I started wanting something more from my present company.  And most importantly, it’s the year I started acting like me again.

And I’m not saying that 30 days with my oldest best friend and a new best friend are responsible for all of that goodness.  But I can say that the year of 30 days in LA derailed me from heading in a direction I had no interest in going.

And days like today, when my brain is mush and I crave the comfort I found during the year of 30 days in LA, I can ask Adam to send me four songs he just can’t get enough of right now.  And I can listen to them, find comfort in them, and share them with you.

Divine Fits – Baby Get Worse

Bruno Mars – Treasure

C2C – Who Are You

Eric Clapton – Hello Old Friend


  1. Definitely Not Adam says:

    Wow, whoever picked those songs has great taste in music! Also, what a wonderfully written blog! Very inspirational.


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