On Top Of Spaghetti {Squash}


It turns out there are benefits to digging through your archives and re-blogging an old recipe.  Like the feeling of goodness that fills you up because you already know you’ll love your meal, and it’s yours.  Or getting a little chance to complete against yourself in the photo department, and win.  In my not so humble opinion, these pictures are worlds better than the old pictures.  Worlds.


I like making meatballs because your hands get messy and there’s something therapeutic about squishing meat through your hands like GAK.


And I like this meatball recipe because there’s no junk, just lean meat and veggies.


  1. […] how fresh this sauce tastes and how it lightens up a pasta dish.  It also goes really well with spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs.  And I bet it would be super wonderful over some homemade […]

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