Happy Belated Chinese New Year!


Last night, I ordered sort-of Chinese food delivery and popped in a couple movies.  If you’re a music lover and the documentary sort, I highly recommend Sound City.  If you’re a girl that digs a solid movie-induced cry, then Celeste & Jesse Forever is where it’s at.  And if you know of any good Chinese restaurants near downtown Austin, please, please let me know!


After my first bite of fortune cookie I couldn’t help but wonder what all went into this cookie, how you make them, and at what point the fortune goes into the cookie.  I found this recipe, which explained it all, and decided to add making fortune cookies to my list of baking accomplishments.


Before we get into how these cookies didn’t really turn out, let’s just talk about how amazing the batter was.  Like, eat a spoonful or use to frost/inject a cupcake amazing.  I will definitely use this recipe in a fashion other than it was intended very soon.

The cookies, on the other hand, not that amazing.  I made the batter too fluffy which made for unbendable-without-breaking cookies that never became crisp.  And after reading through the recipe comments (why didn’t I do this before getting started?), it sounded as though the only people that had successes with this recipe added water to make a thin, pourable batter .  Knowing this, I’d like to give fortune cookies another try, too.

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