La Brunch


Wade and I have been talking about creating a restaurant to-do list for quite some time and last week we finally started the email version of putting pen to paper.  La Condesa was mentioned and reservations for four immediately followed.  AG and Tut were coming along for this ride.


We started with a round of grapefruit mimosas and quickly changed to regular ol’ orange when we realized they were on special for $2.  Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting drink specials at a place that has no problem filling itself to the brim of restaurant fullness at any given time.  So thank you for that, La Condesa!


Following our drink order, guacamole and salsa arrived.  I wouldn’t typically order chips at brunch, but I remembered these flavors from my last visit and needed that salsa right then.  Badly.


And then our serious brunch arrived.  Chilangos for Wade, hamburguesa for Tut, huevos condesa for AG, and the B.L.A.T. for muah.  Our entire table oohed and ahhed at each other’s selections and picked at one another’s plates.  Stories of our legendary weekend were replaced with food talk.  I ate slices of tomato, on purpose, for the second time and felt like a grown up.  I can’t tell you of a better brunch.


I can tell you, however, that La Condesa is my third, first favorite brunch.  Just like my other favorites, the food was wonderful, the service was top notch, and the natural light was a blazing overall design of the place drew my interest.  All things that any successful restaurant in a town full of restaurants must have, but only the La Condesas of this town do it oh so perfectly!

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