Sometimes This Happens…


Sometimes you buy a bottle of wine because the label makes you smile.  And sometimes the wine inside the label happens to be good.


Sometimes you work yourself up thinking something is about to go terribly wrong, and it goes terribly right.  And sometimes that exhausts you more.


And sometimes you do everything as planned (resist girl scout cookies, complete your to-do list, run like Forest Gump across town, slurp down a green smoothie dinner).  And sometimes…  you don’t.

But all the time, the virtual world enjoys you more when you’re misbehaving.

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The Kills – Cheap & Chearful


  1. I am so guilty of buying wine based on the label. I love label design!

  2. Our friend bought a bottle of that awhile back. That wine was really good. I’ve gotten other bottles that ended up less “interesting” than the label.

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