Beautiful Buckets


I knew very well that as soon as I dropped Val off at the airport, I would stuff myself full of the greenest of greens with the sole hope of coming out of this week-long food coma as quickly as possible.  But first?  We’d meet another weekend visitor, my best pal Nathan, for our most gluttonous meal yet at Lucy’s Fried Chicken.


Slurping on a $3 greyhound and eating a few bites of Nathan’s wedge prepared me for the final feast.  It was seriously as if the prior week of acting like a vacationer never happened.  I was momentarily guiltless and oh so ready for fried chicken.


Beautiful buckets… Of fried chicken.  Our cheerfully chatty table of seven silenced immediately as we dug in.  The chicken was so super juicy and crispy and a tad spicy – all the things you want your fried chicken to be.  Paired with outdoor picnic tables with the greatest of friends on a surprisingly sunshiny, winter day?  Sweet bejeeze, it was wonderful time!

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