#BakingBootcamp: Croissants


After reading real bakers post that croissant making is an 11 on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, I thought for sure I was going to mess something up.  I followed the croissant recipe in The Secrets of Baking as much as I could, but found that I was still rough and impatient with this two-day dough.  And since rough and impatient are not good things when it comes to pastry, I popped these bad boys in the oven expecting my first #bakingbootcamp failure.


Mixing ingredients, 6 hours of rising, 3 passes at laminating the dough, 6 more hours of rising, cutting then rolling, 2 hours of proofing…  Who was the baking mastermind that came up with all these rules??  And then there were all of the instructions that I impatiently ignored: perfectly squared edges, perfectly measured cuts.  Instead, I depended on my construction mind and super steady hand.


What came out of the oven was a gazillion calories of accomplishment.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw croissants so layered, so golden.  I facebooked about it, I tweeted about, I brought them to my co-workers, I ran up the steepest hill in town to deliver to my favorite neighbors.  And after all this, I still feel…  I feel “happy of myself”!

Cheers to challenging yourself in twenty thirteen!


  1. Look delicious!! I’ve always wanted to try and make croissant dough so that I can make the Tartine Bakery morning buns. One of these days…
    Jessica recently posted..Happiness Highlights of the WeekMy Profile

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