A Techie Twist: Part One


I am on a constant quest to be more efficient, more productive, and to squeeze more hours in the day.  So when the folks at AT&T contacted me to test out the new Samsung Galaxy III with the new ISIS mobile wallet feature, I immediately responded that I would love to.  I opened up the ISIS directory and scrolled through the list of Austin vendors.  Macy’s and Whole Foods caught my eye, but Whole Foods seemed like the more responsible choice seeing as I was in the midst of holiday season.


On second thought, I may have had everything to lose.  Prior to testing out ISIS, I was using an iPhone 4S case below that had just enough space to hold my license and credit card.  Although ISIS did not allow me to store my license, it did password protect my “wallet”, making it the more responsible choice.

getDynamicImageNow back to the tech stuff…  I first used ISIS when I was expecting two very special weekend visitors and decided to welcome them to town with a feast.  I headed to Whole Foods to get my techie shop on, excited to see how much my checkout experience would be improved by using ISIS.  When it was my turn in line, I opened the ISIS app on the phone, touched the card I wanted to pay with, and swiped the back of the phone against the pay pass.  It was just as quick as using a typical credit card, but without the hassle of digging through a purse to find a card or, in my case, without the risk of losing the card stored in a phone case.


Overall, I was really happy with ISIS and left the market feeling awfully 21st century!  Check back tomorrow for A Techie Twist: Part Two for a nerdy little post comparing the Samsung Galaxy III to the iPhone 4S.

Although I received compensation to review ISIS Mobile Wallet, the opinions in this post are completely my own and based on my experience.

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