I knocked out four pies for Christmas dinner like it was no big thing this year.  And it wasn’t.  And the fact that it wasn’t, well, that caused all sorts of obsession motivation to bake effortlessly with more than just pies.


So for the next month, I’m putting myself through #bakingbootcamp.  I’ll be baking my way through four highly recommended cookbooks (thank you Megan!), homeschooling myself in the ways of the baking world, choosing recipes outside of my comfort zone.


Tonight I started with a challah bread from The Secrets of Baking.  I read, re-read, and highlighted the recipe.  And then, no joke, read it a few more times whenever it was time to let the bread rise.  I refused to let poor reading comprehension be the reason for a failed loaf.


When the timer buzzed, I pulled out of the oven a super golden challah and an immediate sense of accomplishment.  I couldn’t be more excited about getting my bake on this month.  And what I’m even more excited about?  Getting the goodness postal again!


  1. Katie Wyatt says:

    Baking after the holidays…say it aint so!
    This bread looked so delicious, I got up from my computer & ate a cookie.

  2. Pretty! Mmmmmmmm… woot!

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