Gettin’ Crafty

I’ve had visions of prop tables dancing in my head since arriving in Austin, but didn’t know exactly where to start.  And although I didn’t have any grand ideas yesterday, I did have grand motivation to head to Home Depot, hoping things would fall into place.

I found a small section of smaller-sized plywood panels that, cut in half, would be perfect for two table tops.  I looked at each piece, searching for the best grain pattern.  Naturally, the piece I favored was well out of my reach.  I jumped like a fish out of water for a mere 90 seconds before being rescued by an orange-aproned man.  Phew!

When I arrived in the paint section it was like Martha Stewart knew what was up.  There was an entire display of faux finish samples, color boards, required tools, etc.  I immediately tossed the crackle finish in my cart.  But what to do for the second board?  Metallic glaze?

The crackle finish was by far my favorite.  I think it adds awesome texture to the background of photos.  As far as the bronze glaze…  Not a fan.  As soon as I get bored with crackle, I can see myself Pinterest hunting for  surface finish ideas.

Also, it turns out that the quality of wood I used for the crackle finish didn’t matter.  All that hunting and jumping for the perfect piece?  Fun, but totally unnecessary.

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