Cookies For Dinner

I rarely crave sweets.  I’d much rather have a loaf of crusty bread with melty butter than a cookie on any given day.  Well any given day except for today.  All I wanted today was sugar.  My day went something like easter candy, easter candy, veggie dog, cookies.  Minus the veggie dog, it was nine year-old Kristin’s dream day.

I hunted around for oatmeal lace cookie recipes, thinking they’d be much more labor intensive.  Then I settled on this Epicurious recipe and made some minor adjustments.  Like…  almond meal instead of flour and sugar in the raw instead of white sugar.

Oh and I didn’t refrigerate my dough for an hour (or at all).  I did, however, google why refrigerating dough was important.  I came across explanations such as better flavor, better texture, better yada yada, but the only thing that was going to make this cookie better for me was if it was ready sooner!

Eleven minutes later I was in total cookie heaven.  Using sugar in the raw made me feel like I was eating these cookies combined with an oatmeal lace cookie and I was totally down with it.  If you like a gooey-er oatmeal lace cookie, I’d stick to plain old white sugar so the granules are small enough to melt thoroughly during the bake sesh.

See you tomorrow vegetables!!


  1. I also had cookies for dinner last night. :)
    Jordan Lynn (Ciao Cow) recently posted..Better Late Than NeverMy Profile

  2. Wow! These look delicious – now I’m totally craving cookies and it’s 9:15 :)
    Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..Getting My Act TogetherMy Profile

  3. Oh YUM… those things are the best. I used to make them in high school and devour an entire batch at once (prob not a good thing). :)
    Lauren @ Sassy Molassy recently posted..A Snow Day? SNOw Way!My Profile

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