When my weekend visitors left this morning, I sat on my couch and pondered how to spend my Sunday.  I couldn’t remember the last time I had a free day without an impossible task list, heaping loads of laundry, and the weight of being out of town for the next however-many days on my shoulders.  I enjoyed the feeling for about two minutes until I freaked out and made a phone call, “Mom, I’m bored”.

She suggested going somewhere to read a book, which seemed like a genius idea.  And it was.  But I have this really awesome ability to turn the simplest activity into something completely crazy-town.  I think the library is closed today and they never have the books I want and I accumulate late fees like it’s my job and…  and…  and, I was tooootally trying to convince both myself and my mother that I needed an ereader.  I simultaneously researched ereaders and Jenna @ Eat Live Run’s book reviews and came to these day changing decisions: the Kindle and How To Love an American Man.

I, too, was hesitant of a book with such a “not me” title, but in a year of self discovery and potentially large life changes, the following review equaled total bait.

The author’s treatment of the central conflict that drives the book-the quintessentially modern female quandary of finding lasting love while staying true to personal ambitions-comes across with an integrity and veracity women readers will undoubtedly appreciate…Chick-lit-alicious.

I embraced the chick-lit-alicious-ness by making some frozen berry water, tossing on a maxi dress, and heading down to the pool with my new book-loaded Kindle.  Three hours later, I was still hooked!


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